Chris Cuomo Confronts Kellyanne Conway in Bonkers Interview: Can’t You Admit That Trump Is Lying?

Despite audio of President Donald Trump speaking with former fixer Michael Cohen about payments to a Playboy model for silence on an alleged affair, Kellyanne Conway is doubling down on her defense of the commander in chief, claiming he knew nothing until after the fact.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo squared off with the presidential counselor in a Thursday night interview, pushing Conway to admit Trump lied when he claimed in a recent Fox News interview that he wasn’t made aware of the hush money as it was being given out.

“The president has said that he has not lied and the president has said that no charges were filed against him in either the Manafort or the Cohen matters, as you know,” Conway shot back, adding that aside from the payments, there was no evidence of “fictitious Russian collusion,” claiming it didn’t bear much legal significance anyway.

Conway then accused Cuomo of vowing to produce evidence of said collusion with “screaming graphics” and experts endlessly speculating on the matter in hopes of undermining the legitimacy of Trump’s administration.

“You can’t promise everyone that there’s going to be nullification of that,” she said.

Defending his network, Cuomo called that “patently untrue,” emphasizing he’d never made promises to his audience and that “the truth matters.”

“The truth is he lied about this,” he told Conway, who remained defiant, touting the president’s false narrative. “He knew about what Michael Cohen was doing with these women and the payments.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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