Chris Cuomo Confronts Ken Starr About Monica Lewinsky’s Claim He Was ‘Creepy’

Nearly two decades after Bill Clinton’s sex scandal in the White House, Monica Lewinsky came forward in a compelling essay on the Me Too movement — which also detailed an “uncomfortable” encounter with “creepy” Ken Starr, a description the former independent counsel responded to today.

While appearing on New Day, Chris Cuomo grilled Starr about the incident. “The personal aspect for you to respond is she does not explain your initial meeting with her in flattering terms to you,” Cuomo said. “She said it was creepy. She didn’t like the way you touched her and it was a weird thing for her. What do you remember about that meeting?”

Starr responded to the allegation by suggesting Lewinsky’s description of the meeting was misguided:

“I found it pleasant, but poignant. I had very little to say. She did most of the talking, and I found it to be very pleasant. She introduced me to her family, I was waiting for my family members because it was Christmas Eve. We were headed to church. She was coming in, I was heading out. Pleasant, but poignant. I wished her well.”

However, Lewinsky described the situation in different terms, calling the exchange “somewhere between avuncular and creepy,” noting that he “kept touching my arm and elbow, which made me uncomfortable.”

“This was the man who had turned my 24-year-old life into a living hell in his effort to investigate and prosecute President Bill Clinton on charges that would eventually include obstruction of justice and lying under oath — lying about having maintained a long-term extramarital relationship with me,” Lewinsky wrote for Vanity Fair. 

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