Chris Cuomo Confronts Pam Geller: How Exactly Are You Being ‘Victimized’?

cuomo gellerPamela Geller is back in this news, this time for trying to get the winner of the Muhammad cartoon contest she organized placed on D.C. buses. Geller sat down this morning with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who pressed her about why she’s trying to provoke like this again.

Geller insisted this is about fighting back against censorship, but Cuomo shot back that no one’s questioning her First Amendment rights, just asking “is it right?” Geller again lamented how the media’s been attacking her and not focusing on radical Muslims who would keep her from drawing things.

Cuomo said it’s possible to believe they’re “crazy extremists” and no one should die for drawing a cartoon, and also that it might not be the best idea to provoke like that. He asked her exactly how she’s being “victimized” and likened the appropriateness of Muhammad cartoons to the n-word.

Geller rejected that comparison, as well as when Cuomo accused her of hypocrisy for valuing speech, no matter who it offends, when it comes to Muhammad cartoons, but not when it came to the infamous Ground Zero mosque that she protested against.

Geller told Cuomo he’s engaging in “very shallow journalism” to make that comparison and asked him where he would draw the line.

Watch the full showdown below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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