Chris Cuomo, David Urban Blow Up Over Trump Eagles Snub: ‘Do You Believe Patriotism is Jingoism?’


On Cuomo Primetime on Tuesday night, host Chris Cuomo and guests David Urban and Van Jones took on the NFL protests, the Eagles, and Trump’s player-less tribute stunt in a conversation that can really only be described as “exciting”.

Over an animated and engaged ten minutes, the three laughed and got serious at various times, but actually put together a pretty compelling few minutes of television on an issue that can, itself, range from serious to silly.

One pointed exchange between Urban and Cuomo was over the meaning of patriotism and how one expresses it.

Calling them ‘heavy issues,” Cuomo warned of demanding a particular patriotic display. “‘You don’t practice patriotism way I like it, you’re bad. You’re a son of a bitch. You should be out of this country’,” Cuomo said, suggesting what Trump was communicating. “That’s dangerous talk for a president in a country talking about tolerance.”

Urban, referring back to an earlier segment in the show, remarked that anthem is “about two minutes, about 120 seconds, depending on who sings it.”

“If we can’t as a nation agree to stand, and be silent, and think about that–” he began before the show broke into crosstalk.

Urban then related a story. Here is a portion of the transcript.

CUOMO: Oh, come on. The flag is a symbol of freedom.
URBAN: Chris, listen. Stop for a second. Do you see this pin on my lapel?
CUOMO: Actually no. We have the election countdown up. But now I see it.
URBAN: It’s for Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund. I was at West Point with my classmates, honoring my classmate John McHugh who was killed by a terrorist bomber. Do you know what his coffin was covered with? The American flag. People take umbrage–
CUOMO: God Bless their sacrifice. God bless them for protecting our freedoms—
URBAN: People take great umbrage Chris—
CUOMO: But don’t play that card, that’s jingoism. You’re telling certain people —
URBAN: That’s not jingoism.
CUOMO: You’re telling certain people–
URBAN: Do you believe patriotism is jingoism, Chris? Do you believe patriotism is jingoism?
CUOMO: Of course not. When you pervert it–
URBAN: That’s not perverting it!
CUOMO: and when say you’re not the kind of patriot that I want you to be, that you’re inimical to the cause, here, and that’s dangerous stuff.

They stay on point and the exchanges never get angry even when they get heated. There was a lot more worth hearing.

As Cuomo put it, “With everything that’s going on in this country right now, I like how this conversation is going.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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