Chris Cuomo Ends Show With Impassioned Monologue on Border Crisis: We Should Be ‘Better Than This’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo delivered an emotional closing monologue to his news segment Thursday evening, shaming the Trump administration for keeping immigrant children from their families and hidden from the public eye.

“They don’t want you to see the reality,” he said, noting that First Lady Melania Trump‘s trip to a child detention center in Texas earlier that day did not include visiting toddlers or iinfants who are more vulnerable than the 12 to 17 year-olds she met.

“They don’t want you to see the kids crying, to get a feel for their fear and the worries of those who are overwhelmed by this situation, one the president created to make a point, a point that has blown up in his face and forced him to do what he has never done: to back off.”

Despite Melania’s appearance at the facility, which became a media disaster when she was spotted wearing a jacket printed with the words “I don’t really care. Do you?” while boarding her flight, Cuomo noted the crisis is “far from over.”

“You know they’re isolated,” he said of the children, whom he compared to his own and those of viewers. “You know they’re afraid. That’s the ugly truth. I can’t believe we aren’t better than this. Kids taken from their parents, scattered across the country, crowded into tight spaces, overwhelmed staffs, the military building camps for them? This is a recipe for disaster.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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