CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Eric Holder Is a Leader’

New Day host Chris Cuomo said that Attorney General Eric Holder’s presence helped in Ferguson, arguing that he could relate to the community’s sense of injustice in a way no other official had attempted.

“He is a leader,” Cuomo said from Ferguson. “He is someone who is able to express to this community that they are being respected, that change needs to happen, that their grievances are real, that he identifies with them as a person of color, and his own personal experience. You’re dealing with a community who hasn’t heard that from people in leadership as far as they’re concerned, who do feel disenfranchised.”

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“Here is the balance for Eric Holder,” Cuomo continued. “Can the Attorney General deliver on these sympathies with what people here want to see as justice? Very difficult for him as Attorney General, more possible for him as a monitoring agent of local prosecutors.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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