Chris Cuomo Getting Scratched Behind The Ear On CNN’s New Day

With 24 hours to fill, pretty much any day can be a slow news day, but the Monday after a holiday weekend is a particularly gaping news hole. Once you’ve dissected amateur footage of this weekend’s plane crash, what’s left? If you’re CNN’s New Day, you take a pile of goats, mix in a little deadpan humor, and have your news anchor scratch your co-host behind the ears. On Monday morning’s New Day, Michaela Pereira, whom co-host Chris Cuomo customarily introduces as “our news anchor and friend,” delivered a quick report on a viral video featuring baby goats mauling a lady with cuteness.

Cuomo responded with a demand that the goats be held accountable, and Pereira wound up scratching Cuomo behind the ear. You truly do not see that every day, especially if you’re watching Fox and Friends or Morning Joe, where they keep that sort of thing off-camera. Fortunately, they cut to commercial before Cuomo coughed up a hairball and fell asleep on top of the TV.

Since The Daily Show is in reruns this week, you won’t see this Moment of Zen on Comedy Central, but since it’s a slow news day here as well, please enjoy.

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