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Chris Cuomo Goes Full Shakespeare to Talk Dems and Impeachment: ‘What Light Through Yonder Court Pleading Breaks’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo went full Shakespeare Friday, quoting the Bard of Avon to describe the situation with Democrats and impeachment.

“I burned a lot of calories on this one,” Cuomo said at the top of his closing remarks.

He then talked about how Democrats are using a lot of wordplay to describe the impeachment inquiry before comparing the whole situation to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.  

“There’s nothing poetic about the play being made here. However, just like in Romeo and Juliet, no matter how much you wish otherwise what you call something matters. So, what’s going on here? The message seemed pretty clear in court documents today. ‘The committee… is investigating whether to recommend articles of impeachment and requires access to grand jury materials in furtherance of that investigation. Although the House has not considered a formal resolution structuring any particular proceedings by the committee, such a resolution is not a necessary predicate to consideration of articles of impeachment.'”

Then interjecting a bit of Shakespearan wordplay of his own Cuomo added: ‘Soft. What light through yonder court pleading breaks.”

Cuomo, though, was not done with his Shakespeare reference just yet.

At one point, he aired a clip of Pelosi, speaking about impeachment and saying this: “Let’s get sophisticated about this.”

“Sophisticated?” he said after the clip ended. “I’m quotin’ Shakespeare here!”

He finally ended by warning Democrats not to end up like the star-crossed lovers of Shakespeare’s play who “die as a result of their actions.”

He also his favorite line from the bard for one last warning to Dems.

“One pain is lessened by another’s anguish,” he said,  before explaining any pain that the Democrats face “should be nothing” compared to what Trump will have to answer for.

Watch above,  via CNN.

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