Chris Cuomo Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Calls to Give Drug Dealers Death Penalty: ‘Not Good’


Chris Cuomo had a contentious interview with Kellyanne Conway today, the bulk of which centered on the opioid crisis — and President Donald Trump‘s calls to give drug dealers the death penalty.

As they discussed the White House’s plan to tackle America’s opioid crisis, Cuomo began to grill the White House special adviser about Trump’s suggestions that drug suppliers ought to be executed. Cuomo noted that even though Trump’s rhetoric and “tough talk” might fly with his base, a lot of anti-drug figures don’t think harsher punishments are the most effective deterrent for drug crimes.

“The tough talk about ‘let’s kill the drug kingpins,’ I know that appeals to the base, and harshness is often perceived as strength,” Cuomo said. “But you’re not going to punish your way out of this problem.”

“You know that right? You talk to experts and they say the death penalty is barely a deterrent on any level, let alone when it comes to addiction, and it’s not about killing the drug kingpins.”

The two of them proceeded to spar, with Conway insisting that Trump was speaking broadly about tougher sentencing, and Cuomo honing in on the death penalty remarks.

“[Trump] said kill drug dealers,” Cuomo remarked.

“Well, good,” Conway shot back.

“No, not good. I don’t think that will get you out of the problem,” Cuomo responded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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