Chris Cuomo Hammers RNC Chief Ronna McDaniel: GOP Stance is Now ‘If It’s Not a Felony, It’s Fine’

An interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel went off the rails Wednesday night after Cuomo suggested it may all come down to a felony when the Special Counsel’s report comes out, if in fact it does.

“[If] we get to see this report… That will matter to the American people,” Cuomo said. “They’re not fools. They care about this. I think that the question is going to be this: is a felony the only thing that isn’t fine? If it’s not a felony, because we know right now there was collusion with people on the campaign. Not a crime, but what Manafort did -”

McDaniel disagreed.

“Here’s my take on it,” Cuomo continued on. “I’m not saying it was criminal. There have been no charges on that. It’s just been for lying, essentially, and other stuff with Manafort.”

Then after Cuomo pointed out the Trump campaign’s own polling data to back up his point, McDaniel said she wasn’t going along with that.

She then added: “The president didn’t collude to keep Hillary from visiting Wisconsin, the president didn’t force Hillary Clinton to avoid Michigan, the president didn’t say and the Russians didn’t do that, either.”

Cuomo said, “I don’t see criminality as a bar for wrongdoing. And I know you don’t either. Because over the years, Republicans have made character huge. You’ve never been, ‘felony but fine.’ You weren’t that with any other Democratic politician, nor should you be. Mike Pence wrote a very eloquent essay about Bill Clinton saying, you know what? We have to judge him as a neighbor. Not just as some burglar. Just because he didn’t trip the line that makes it a felony. He said it. Now, if it’s not a felony, it’s fine.”

The heated conversation continued on with McDaniel repeatedly saying the investigation must end.

At one point, Cuomo asked once again how Trump can say there is no collusion.

McDaniel replied, “This is a president who’s delivering day in and day out. That’s what I always go back to” as the debate raged on.

Watch above, via CNN

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