Chris Cuomo Investigates If It’s ‘Deceptive’ For Government To ‘Say We’re In A Recovery’

ABC‘s Chris Cuomo hosts an online show called The Real Deal, which promises to take “all the spin away from stories that affect your life, so you can make your own decisions.” In this special “Main Street vs. Wall Street” episode, Cuomo displays real passion and promises to investigate whether “businesses matter more than the working man” to the government?

Cuomo reveals that despite unemployment and underemployment rates remaining startling high, in 2010 there was a 36.8% gain in corporate profits (the biggest jump since 1950) and there was the 5th highest bonus payout on record. From there, Cuomo interviewed the Obama administration’s former auto industry czar, Steve Rattner. Cuomo asked a few no-nonsense questions including “if this is a recovery, where are the jobs” and “isn’t it deceptive to come out and say we’re in a recovery?” Rattner admits this is the “most unequal recovery in history.” This much looser format for Cuomo certainly shows promise and proves to be a unique platform for him to expand his own journalistic capabilities.

Watch the clip from ABC’s website:

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