Chris Cuomo Reflects on Media Coverage of Kanye After He Steps Back from Politics: ‘Shame on Us’


CNN host Chris Cuomo cast “shame on” the media for being “all over” Kanye West’s support for President Donald Trump, as he appeared to suggest the coverage of the rapper was “exploitative,” while Don Lemon cheered his newly announced departure from political ventures.

“So less than a month after the Oval Office sitdown, Kanye West says he needs distance from politics. Good choice,” Cuomo said. “Right move for Kanye D. Lemon?”

Lemon prefaced his answer by saying he doesn’t want “to beat up on Kanye anymore.”

“I don’t mean this in a derogatory way — he’s dealing with some issues. It seems to me from these tweets he is probably dealing with them, which is a good thing,” Lemon said. “Without the knowledge of history and perhaps reading a little bit more, that he should not be talking about and addressing the issues that he was addressing, because he wasn’t helping on the issue, especially when it came to certain amendments, right? Now we’re talking about the 14th amendment today, but that’s another story.”

Lemon noted that it was “good” West is focusing on creativity: “All I say is good for you. I hope you mean it.”

“I just wonder what the Trump folks are going to say now, how they’re going to spin this,” he added, to-which Cuomo replied that Trump supporters will say “nothing” about West’s 180, or if they do say something, it will be an attack on the media:

“If they do have to say anything, because look, I think it looked like what it was. It looked like he was trotting somebody out, the timing of it want great, the media of all over it, shame on us as far as I’m concerned, and he didn’t seem well. And it seemed exploitative. So I think they say nothing. If they have to say something, they’ll say the enemy of the people barked Kanye out of the game.”

West posted several tweets explaining his political situation and what went wrong:

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