Chris Cuomo Responds to Trump’s Insults by Highlighting His Low Approval Ratings

After Donald Trump ripped CNN’s Chris Cuomo for his “unsuccessful prime time slot” on Twitter, the host responded by advising the president to listen to his own criticism of the network’s popularity when it comes to his record low presidential approval numbers.

“I accept the criticism about my show, leveled by the president,” Cuomo said tonight. “I would suggest he not mention me by name if his intention is to show I’m not relevant, but still he has a point — the struggle is real. We see the need to grow and do even better and we bust out bottoms to do just that.”

He continued by highlighting Trump’s approval ceiling, as he has not reached an approval rating of 50 percent or above since the start of the presidency:

“Why do I repeat the point? For my critic’s deaf ears, and he does seem deaf to this rationale. I argue that Trump should consider his own criticism. Why? He is mired in the mud of minority approval and he has a tailwind economy from the past president, Obama, a market juicing tax cut, record unemployment, thank God no one has succeeded in hurting us horribly, he has a media that is totally attentive, he had both houses of Congress to start with, and he still isn’t at 50 percent.”

Cuomo went to claim Trump’s “mouth and his moral judgments” stop him from reaching the majority of Americans.

“We now have 400 plus pages of the dirtiest most foul, if not felonious, political waters we have ever seen,” he added, referencing the recently released Mueller report.

“The big challenge evidently, the true Achilles heel for this president is whether he can get past his mouth, see his flaws, and find ways to do better. Most administrations obsess on this. His seems completely blind, deaf, and dumb to it,” the host concluded. “Can he keep middling below 50 percent? If so, this line may wind up as flat as his eventual political heartbeat, because, in politics, numbers don’t lie — not for me, not for him.”

As for Trump’s comment attacking CNN, the president took to Twitter this morning to attack Cuomo while praising Fox News and their morning show Fox & Friends.

Watch above, via CNN.

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