Chris Cuomo Roasts Fmr. Trump Adviser Over Impending Shutdown: ‘He’s Going Golfing!’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo collided with Michael Caputo on New Day Friday morning as they debated whether President Trump has any serious interest in making sure the government avoids shutdown at midnight.

Cuomo raised several questions about the president’s attempts at dealmaking over the last two weeks, though the former Trump adviser blamed Democrats for scuttling negotiations by leaking the president’s “shithole” comments. Cuomo noted that Sen. Lindsey Graham corroborated the reports about what Trump said in that now-infamous immigration meeting, yet Caputo countered that the South Carolina Republican is a long-term Trump critic, though Graham has warmed up to Trump recently.

When Caputo accused Cuomo of being unable to stand Trump’s progress on DACA negotiations, the CNN anchor hit back by noting that the president is about to spend another weekend at Mar-a-Lago instead of Washington.

“He left. He’s going golfing! He’s leaving to go to an anniversary party for himself today. Who does that?”

The two continued to spar about whether Trump has actually done anything to resolve the current gridlock, and whether he has thrown the GOP off balance by rejecting previous attempts for a bipartisan solution.

Watch above, via CNN.

UPDATE – 9:23 a.m. EST: White House spokespeople have told reporters that Trump won’t go to Florida if a shutdown looks imminent.

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