Chris Cuomo, Sarah Sanders Collide on Russia Investigation: ‘Obsession Over a Total Hoax!’


Sarah Sanders and Chris Cuomo grappled with each other during a lengthy interview on CNN’s New Day, and tensions peaked once they reached questions about President Donald Trump and the Russia investigation.

Cuomo began by asking the press secretary about Trump’s remark after the State of the Union that he would authorize the release of the classified memo from Rep. Devin Nunes which allegedly contains a trove of revelations about the FBI’s FISA abuses. Sanders didn’t know if Trump has read the memo yet, and despite Trump’s “100%” promise to release, the White House will keep reviewing the matter.

From there, Cuomo asked Sanders what Trump’s point is in undermining the legitimacy and public faith of America’s intelligence community. Sanders pushed back on that characterization, and things really heated up when she started bashing the media’s “Russia fever,” which she called an “obsession over total hoax” and a “waste of taxpayer money.”

Sanders insisted that the White House has been cooperative with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, though Cuomo noted that Trump once considered firing the special counsel, and no one seems to know whether Trump is now willing to be interviewed for the Russia investigation. The two continued to lock horns as they debated how many people have come to their own conclusions about the probe, even though Mueller has yet to announce a final verdict.

“You guys want to paint these crazy, ludicrous things and create stories that aren’t there,” Sanders said. “We have spent a year digging and digging and digging. Everyone comes to the same conclusion, even the Democrats, there’s no evidence of collusion.”

The interview proceeded with Sanders bashing the media’s “obsession” with “crazy questions” and Cuomo asking her why the media can’t take notice of an ongoing investigation into the nation’s integrity.

Watch above, via CNN.

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