Chris Cuomo Says Trump and Co. Lied About Russia; Kellyanne Conway Says ‘Not Me, I Have No Exposure’


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway made a very odd and legalistic remark when CNN’s Chris Cuomo pointed out that Donald Trump and many of his associates have “lied about Russia-related matters.”

During a lengthy and contentious interview on Tuesday night’s edition of CNN’s Cuomo Primetime, Conway took familiar pains to distance herself from the rest of the Trump campaign by noting that she was not among the Trump campaign officials who made contact with the Russians.

But toward the very end of the interview, Cuomo interrupted Conway by noting “I’m saying it’s absolutely true that the president and others around him have lied about Russia-related matters, and I don’t know why.”

“Not me!” Conway practically sang. “I have no exposure.”

Conway has spent over two years pointing out that she, personally, never had contacts with the Russians, an effort which began long before the slew of indictments, and guilty pleas and verdicts in the Mueller probe.

Just days after Trump’s inauguration, while Mike Flynn was still the national security adviser, Conway told George Stephanopoulos that reports of Trump campaign contacts with Russia “struck us as brand-new information. We had no idea what’s going on. I was the campaign manager, contemporaneous with some of those events. And I assure you that I wasn’t talking to Moscow.”

That remark was conspicuous for its lack of assurances that anyone else in the campaign had not had contacts with Russians. Now, Conway is saying that she has “no exposure” when confronted with Trump’s lies about Russia-related matters, and those of his associates.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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