Chris Cuomo: Trump ‘Plays Favorites’ with ‘Bigotry’; Ignored Steve King, Defended Covington Kids


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo accused President Donald Trump of playing “favorites when it comes to bigotry” after Trump failed to denounce Rep. Steve King’s defense of white supremacy this month, but chose to defend the Covington Catholic students after their confrontation with Native American activists on Friday.

“The president poached this position and he ignored Steve King,” Cuomo said, referencing Trump looking the other way after King asked why white nationalism and supremacy are controversial ideas. “You have to see that for what it is. It doesn’t make any sense except the most obvious sense. He plays favorites when it comes to bigotry.”

CNN’s Don Lemon, who was discussing last weekend’s Abraham Lincoln Memorial incident during the hour hand-off segment between the two hosts, agreed with Cuomo, adding that Trump is guilty of “political expediency [when it comes] to bigotry.

Later in the segment, Cuomo asked Trump supporters “to explain to themselves why does he ignore Steve King, and then on MLK weekend, he decides to poach and play favorites like this in this situation as president of the United States.”

“It’s a bad look,” he added. “It’s a bad reality.

As for the infamous “Make America Great Again” hat worn by the Covington Catholic High School student who faced off with the indigenous elder, Lemon said the apparel’s message speaks for itself.

“You got to own [the MAGA hat]. The kids have a right to wear the MAGA hat, but you also have a responsibility as an American to be aware,” Lemon said. “Own it. You’re saying build that wall. That’s what that MAGA hat says. At a minimum.”

“Don’t pretend that it’s some just innocent thing,” the host continued. “You know what that hat says.”

The two hosts also admitted to media mistakes during the early coverage of the face-off between the pro-life Catholic students and the Native American demonstrators.

Watch above, via CNN.

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