Chris Cuomo Shuts Down Conservative Activist’s Pro-Trump Claim: ‘I Have His Voice on Tape’

After Chris Cuomo‘s marathon interview with Kellyanne Conway on Thursday night,  CNN had on Women for Trump founder and political activist Amy Kremer to talk about the hush money payments made on Trump’s behalf.

Kremer tried to argue that Trump did not have anything to do with the hush money payments and seemed a bit offended Cuomo would accuse the president of lying.

“I mean, the president said he did not have anything to do with it. How do you know that he’s lying?” she said.

Cuomo then told her Trump’s voice was on tape.

“I have his voice on tape saying that he knows about it and directing the action,” Cuomo said.

“Was it his voice on tape?” Kremer asked.

Cuomo told her it was.

“OK, well,” Kremer replied, before going for a Hillary Clinton diversion.

“Look, you know, I don’t know what goes on with the president and his legal team,” she continued on. “There are many meetings that go on a campaign in this administration that we don’t have all the information for, but the problem here is that the one-sidedness of what CNN is trying to do, go after this president, and all the mainstream media, not just CNN, you are not talking about Hillary Clinton and the campaign finance–”

Cuomo tried to say that Clinton had nothing to do with it, but Kremer continued on.

Watch above, via CNN

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