Chris Cuomo Slams Giuliani, Trump’s Team: ‘They’re Taking a Victory Lap for Not Being Felons’

President Donald Trump‘s lawyer Rudy Giuliani demanded on the air on Monday night that CNN’s Chris Cuomo apologize for his network torturing Trump for the past two years with talk of collusion.

Cuomo was not amused.

During the sometimes tense interview, Cuomo repeatedly insisted — in between Giuliani jabs — he had nothing to apologize for.

Then, speaking with Don Lemon at the top of the 10 pm hour, Cuomo made it abundantly clear, “there ain’t no damn apology coming” any time soon.

“Look,” Cuomo said, speaking of the brush-up. “Rudy Giuliani I’ve known most of my life, okay? We’ve had plenty of nasty back and forths. We try to disagree with decency. He demanded an apology from me tonight.”

He continued on: “I meant what I said. There ain’t no damn apology coming. I got nothing to apologize for. I believe in everything that I’ve done, and I’m going to do it as much as I can going forward when I think it’s right. You’ve got to confront power. That’s the job. But that’s where we’re living.”

Then, he said this, referring to the Trump camp after the release of the Mueller findings: “They’re taking a victory lap for not being felons. That’s how low the standard is for behavior right now.”

He then said they will say they were “set up” or it’s a “witch hunt,” but that’s not true.

“Just because somebody is not found guilty of a crime doesn’t mean it was wrong to ask the questions in the first place,” Cuomo then noted.

Watch above, via CNN.

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