Chris Cuomo Spars With Marc Short Over Trump Ad Painting Undocumented Immigrants ‘As Monsters’


CNN host Chris Cuomo went head-to-head with White House legislative director Marc Short over the administration “demonizing” immigrants and calling them “monsters” in President Donald Trump’s new controversial ad against illegal entry.

Cuomo began the interview by saying he won’t play the ad on-air because “I believe it unfairly demonizing illegal entrance into this country.” He also questioned how this ad helps Trump’s so-called “bill of love” when it “paints illegals as monsters.”

Short responded and defended Trump’s position:

“What it’s trying to do is show we have a real security threat on our borders. What you saw last week report from DHS says there 2,500 people on the terror watch list trying to get into the United States each and every year. That means seven per day that are either apprehended or turned away. We have serious security concerns and it’s being ignored in this debate right now.”

The two went on to debate the White House’s focus on illegal border entry, rather than focusing on domestic terrorism — which Cuomo argued poses more of a security threat.

“By numbers and statistics, you cannot make the case that the illegal entrance are more dangerous than native born citizens but you are making that case,” Cuomo said. “Statistics show that either white supremacists or homegrown people and radicalized here are a bigger threat than illegal entrance.”

Short then suggested the administration is focused on all forms of terrorism, including white supremacist terrorists — such as the attacks in Charlottesville and Portland last year.

The interview ended with Cuomo bringing up a then-live Trump tweet, saying his post is an “exhibit a of a clear intention to divide people in this country,” instead of focusing on the “bill of love.”

The mentioned tweet reads: “The Democrats are turning down services and security for citizens in favor of services and security for non-citizens. Not good!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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