Chris Cuomo Trashes ‘Ugly’ New Trump Ad: ‘Willie Horton Redux’


On Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo started off his show by railing against Trump’s latest campaign ad.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted out this and pinned it to the top of his Twitter feed:

Cuomo noted that Trump’s latest ad — sent less than a week before the midterms —  had Willie Horton all over it, referring to George H.W. Bush‘s Willie Horton ad from the 1980’s widely regarded as racist.

“This is no Halloween spoof,” Cuomo said, calling it “a Willie Horton redux.”

He added: “In fact, much of the footage in this video that we are going to show you comes from Fox, the place started by the man who came up with the Willie Horton ad, Roger Ailes. Both were grossly distortive, bigoted, but also effective.”

Then, after showing a portion of the ad, Cuomo trashed Trump’s new spot.

“I don’t want to play all of it and have people come to me and say why are you playing these ugly and distorted images?” the CNN host said.

He continued on: “When did all migrants become the man that Trump just tweeted about — a man given the death penalty for killing two sheriff’s deputies and wounding a third? This tweet is coming from the same president who earlier this week complained about people blaming his rhetoric for the rise of hate acts across the country.”

He then stressed Trump is doing just that “by saying the Democrats are responsible for the atrocious act that this man committed.”

Watch above, via CNN

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