Chris Cuomo: Trump Isn’t a Victim of Anything Other Than ‘His Mouth, His Motives, and His Moves’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo ended his show tonight by saying if President Donald Trump is looking to blame someone for his current woes, he can start with himself.

Cuomo said that the idea that everyone who opposes Trump “hates” him needs to stop, along with “the idea that this president is a victim of anything other than his mouth, his motives, and his moves.”

“The last almost three years have been filled with investigations. They are right about that. But why? His mouth, his motives, his moves, and those around him,” he added, citing examples like POTUS not releasing his taxes and “this whole Ukraine mess.”

Cuomo argued that Trump keeps trying to portray himself as a victim when everything that’s going on around him is “of his own making”:

“God willing we will never have a president who causes this much chaos again. And you know what? The chances of that may be better if the man responsible for the chaos right now does get impeached. Why? Look, I think you can argue it either way. I have on this show. Some of you like that, some of you don’t. That’s the show. It’s for people with open minds. But if he gets impeached, that is a permanent stain. It will be the first thing people will know about his presidency forever. Trump said in a tweet, he never imagined his name connected to the word, but I believe that. And it may be his worst fear, and it will be realized. His name will be glued to being impeached for eternity.”

“This is not about hate for the president, God protect him and keep him and his family well. But we must love the presidency more than any president,” Cuomo added.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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