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Chris Hayes Battles Trump Surrogate Over ‘Deplorable’ Views of Supporters

chris-hayes-aj-delgadoChris Hayes got combative on MSNBC tonight with Donald Trump adviser AJ Delgado as he was making the point that despite overgeneralizing, Hillary Clinton wasn’t entirely off with her “basket of deplorables” remark.

He brought up people like Alex Jones Trump has offered praise to while Delgado said Clinton insulted millions and has egged on birtherism in the past. (Hayes noted she didn’t.)

He brought up a poll showing that half of Trump supporters think blacks are more violent than whites. Delgado agreed that’s a deplorable view, but dismissed the “random poll.”

Hayes also brought up the Muslim ban and argued that given how he came out victorious in the primaries while holding that view (and having people in polls saying they liked it), there’s clearly something bigoted there.

Delgado argued “it depends on the motive behind it” and she argued Trump’s motives were based in security and not bigotry.

At one point she shouted that Clinton “insulted 100 million Americans.” An exasperated Hayes fired back, “It’s not 100 million!”

Watch the whole fight above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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