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Chris Hayes: ‘Bill O’Reilly Is a Pretty Accomplished Race-Baiter Himself’

Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee joined MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Wednesday night to continue slamming Bill O’Reilly for calling her a race hustler for her criticism of Paul Ryan‘s comments about black culture. In the segment intro, Hayes took on O’Reilly and Fox for constant use of the terms “race-baiter” and “race hustler,” which only seem to “apply to people of color talking about race and racism.”

Hayes surmised that O’Reilly’s definition of “race hustler” is someone who tells their audience they’re off the hook and aren’t responsible for social problems. He accused O’Reilly of doing the same with his audience and remarked, then, “Bill O’Reilly is a pretty accomplished race-baiter himself.”

Lee said O’Reilly’s “code words” should be rejected from public discourse, denying the very idea she thinks so lowly of her constituents as O’Reilly asserted. She said O’Reilly promotes “harmful” stereotypes for comments like that, and shot down the idea she owes Ryan any kind of apology.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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