Chris Hayes Blasts Trump’s Desperate ‘Psychodrama’ to Project Strength Amid Nationwide Unrest When ‘Deep Down He’s a Weak Man’


MSNBC host Chris Hayes laid into President Donald Trump’s ongoing “psychodrama” to project strength amid the nationwide protests of police brutality, blasting the Commander-in-Chief’s transparent self-defensiveness as betraying that “fundamentally the president is a weak man.”

Keying off a scathing op-ed in The Atlantic by Trump’s former Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, that denounced Trump for his divisiveness and lack of leadership, Hayes homed in on the president’s relentless need to be seen as projecting strength. He revisited the events of the past weekend to make his point.

Heading into this aggressive “law and order” speech, Trump was reportedly so bitter about reports that he had retreated into the White House security bunker on Friday night that it became the genesis for the widely panned photo op at St. John’s Church on Monday. On Wednesday, when confronted with the bunker story on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, Trump offered up a different version of the story where he merely traveled down to the bunker — before the protests — for an “inspection.”

Hours before Hayes’ Wednesday show, the MNSBC host had already skewered this transparently self-defensive claim with a snarky Breakfast Club reference.

“The problem at the heart of this is fundamentally the president is a weak man. Deep down, he’s a weak man,” Hayes observed. “He compensates for the fundamental weakness by projecting strength in the most pathetic and obvious wayses like congratulating himself for the supposed domination of protesters. We are all caught in his psychodrama because he is the president, which is why he is currently turning Washington, D.C. into this real-life projection of his own authoritarian dreams, including this deployment of military police to the Lincoln Memorial against peaceful protesters.”

“The president is hilariously trying to assure us the bunker trip was just for inspection purposes,” he added, before assuming the absurd conversation that Trump’s claim might have necessitated. “I love the idea: ‘The protesters have breached the fence. Now would be good time to inspect the bunker, Mr. President. Just because you might need it in the future.'”

“The president’s attempts to project strength and domination are pathetic. They’re frankly pathetic. They’re not working,” Hayes continued. “Most people rightly think the president is failing miserably at the task at hand. Only 39% of the country approve his handling of the protests, compared to 55% who disapprove. Things are not looking good. We have learned over five years of watching Trump, there is no definitive breaking point, there’s no moment where it all collapses, ‘Have you no decency, sir?’, where Trump is routed and repudiated and everyone runs away from him. But in an election year the widening circles of condemnation matter. The statement from former Secretary of Defense Mattis comes one day after a similarly striking criticism from former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mike Mullin, as well as reports the Pentagon is furiously trying to retreat from Rrump’s call to dominate the protests.”

Watch the video above, via MSBNC.

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