Chris Hayes: Fascinating to See How Much ‘The Trump TV Network’ Has Been Spinning This Week

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes brought the week to an end tonight by looking at how “the Trump TV network” has been “spinning” so much on the big Mueller/Russia news.

“It’s been fascinating,” he said, “to watch the Trump TV network sort of turn this around as the pressure has ratcheted up. You can see them spinning this counter-tale, which looks like it’s fairly effective for the people that are in that bubble.”

Joy Reid said that’s because they’re living on “Earth-Two,” where “none of that is true… and Hillary Clinton is the one with ties to Russia.”

Hayes again referenced “the Trump TV network” and observed, “It is to reality what a really good Broadway set, or theater set, is to like an actual house.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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