Chris Hayes Grills de Blasio: Is ‘Defender of Israel’ Really Part of Your Job Description?


Last month New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave an off-the-record, closed press speech to AIPAC, the incredibly influential pro-Israel political lobby. A reporter was escorted from the event, but they managed to capture audio of de Blasio’s speech. In the speech, de Blasio said AIPAC should feel free to call him whenever they need him to stand with him “’cause that’s my job.” After his speech, meant for no one, got circulated all over the web, de Blasio defended the speech, saying, “Part of my job description is to be a defender of Israel.”

At the end of a lengthy interview on MSNBC Wednesday night, Chris Hayes brought up the story and challenged de Blasio on that premise.

“As a New Yorker, I thought, ‘I don’t know if that’s true. I voted for this guy, I don’t know if it’s part of the job description for him to be the defender of Israel. It seems like he’s got enough on his plate. Is he the defender of the Ukranians in the streets who are crying out for their rights? Is he the defender of the Taiwanese against the One China policy?’ Is it really your job? Is that your job description?”

De Blasio insisted he was simply stating his own beliefs and “speaking as the mayor of a city that is the closest to Israel of any city on earth.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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