Chris Hayes: Hannity Was Basically ‘Performing His Deep State Monologues’ to Manafort

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Friday night looked at some of the takeaways from Sean Hannity‘s texts with Paul Manafort, but he said at least they show Hannity is not “two-faced.”

CH- I’ll say this for Hannity, “Sean Hannity is not two-faced, he is not duplicitous, and he is not putting on a show. The Sean Hannity of the texts is the Sean Hannity you get every night. He’s basically performing his deep state monologues to Paul Manafort via text.”

Above the Law executive editor, Elie Mystal said in a “reasonable world where journalism exists” Hannity would be fired.

“This is just further proof that Sean Hannity is not a newsman, he is a spokesman,” he continued, telling Hayes if he was texting similar things to, say, Anthony Weiner, “I don’t think you would have your show.”

Hayes brought up texts from Manafort saying he won’t give in to say “the clearest thing that’s happening here is that he’s talking to Donald Trump through Sean Hannity about whether he will flip or not. That is like the obvious implication.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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