Chris Hayes: ‘How Do You Explain’ the Shift on Syria from Republicans Like Chaffetz?

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes highlighted tonight what one Republican congressman said about Syria in 2013, asking why so many of them have changed positions in four years.

He played a video of Congressman Jason Chaffetz, from 2013, explaining that he didn’t think it would be a good idea for the U.S. military to step into the civil war going on in Syria, saying, “I see long-term ramifications by injecting ourselves into a civil war where the consequences may be something we really don’t like.”

Hayes brought up this tweet from Chaffetz last night:

Chaffetz also told the Salt Lake Tribune, “The world should never tolerate the use of chemical weapons on anybody. I’m proud of what the president did.”

He is not the only Republican saying something different now about Syria, and Hayes asked tonight, “How do you explain it?”

Brian Darling, a former communications director for Senator Rand Paul, said that he agreed with “2013 Jason Chaffetz,” as well as 2013 Donald Trump.

He said that both parties have been “hypocrites on this issue,” bringing up how Obama “promised so many things, and we still have two AUMFs on the books that this administration is using as authorization.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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