Chris Hayes: In Addition to Health and Economic Crises, We’re Facing a Serious ‘Leadership Crisis’ Right Now


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes opened his show Friday talking about the “three crises” America is facing right now: the public health crisis, the economic crisis, and the “leadership crisis.”

The third, he said, he being “caused by a person running the federal government who is completely incapable of dispatching his duties.”

“The White House and the president’s responses have been a disaster,” Hayes said. “We are the international laggard in testing. We do not have the preparations for this moment, despite President Trump’s own government running simulations that warned exactly, precisely of the shortages we now face and despite the warnings from countries already ahead of us on the curve, already in over their heads, we are behind and the waters are rising. That’s just the reality right now.”

He brought up the president going off on Peter Alexander, saying that while Trump’s tone is not close to the most important issue right now, it’s indicative of “how the president is viewing this crisis.”

And Hayes went over the growing medical crisis around the country and the world “while [the president] is yelling at reporters and failing at his job.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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