Chris Hayes Mocks Trump’s Wild Fox & Friends Interview: So Conspiratorial Even Steve Doocy Had to Speak Up


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight mocked President Donald Trump’s wild Fox & Friends interview as so out there that even Steve Doocy had to jump in.

Hayes said that beyond his impeachable conduct, what Trump has done is “throw… Americans under the bus to a foreign interest, selling America out to foreign interests.”

“He’s trying to get an American election determined by forces outside America. By foreigners. It is a grave violation of our sovereignty and democratic determination as a collective people,” Hayes said.

But in addition to that, he added, is that Trump is “providing active cover for the foreign entity that actually did sabotage our last election, and not only that, he’s actually attempting to blame Americans rather than Russians for that sabotage.”

Hayes then brought up the Ukraine CrowdStrike conspiracy Trump has pushed, bringing up his appearance on Fox & Friends this morning and the pushback he got:

“Four months after the call, the president is still parroting that insane conspiracy theory. Literally this morning on Fox & Friends, President Trump repeated the exact same thing almost verbatim A conspiracy theory… so nuts and so out there even one Steven James Doocy, sitting on the curvy couch, staring deadeye into the camera as the president ranted, was forced to raise his voice with a gentle reminder that we live on planet earth.”

Hayes reviewed the conspiracy theory about the DNC server itself and said it’s just so out there, “it’s like 9/11-truther level nuts.”

“Because what it says is that the attack that happened on America was actually done internally by Americans to themselves,” he continued. “That’s what he’s saying when he says that. And that is vile slander against Americans, and it’s vile slander all for the purpose to being cover to the actual foreign intelligence service that committed a grave crime against us, the American electorate.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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