Chris Hayes Praises ‘Free Society’ That Allows Someone ‘Powerful’ Like Sarah Sanders to Get Booted From Restaurant


MSNBC host Chris Hayes weighed in on the Red Hen showdown that took place over the weekend.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was told to leave by the Lexington restaurant owner, which has since sparked a national conversation about a lack of civility. And when asked about what he thought, Hayes gave it a rather positive spin.

And I don’t think it’s a bad impulse to have of, like, yeah, don’t yell at people. Or, be, you know- I get that. That’s a human and understandable part of people’s impulses around this stuff. And, generally, I think that’s a good guiding post for people,” Hayes told Seth Meyers. “I will say this that, look, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for example, is one of the most powerful people in the world. And in a very real and tangible sense the defining feature of a free society is that you can tell one of the most powerful people in the world in your government, ‘Get out of my restaurant.’ Like that’s genuinely like, a thing that makes a free society.”

“People could say, like, that ‘I don’t think they should do that or that’s rude.’ And I totally get people on either side of that,” Hayes continued. “But in a real deep sense, like, hectoring, yelling at public officials. I mean, I covered all the Tea Party town halls of 2009. That was a festival of yelling at public officials. And in the same way, that’s actually an important right to preserve. So, I think sometimes that this conversation about civility can paper over a lot of what is actually just what politics looks like.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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