Chris Hayes Slams Trump for Having ‘Surrendered’ to Covid: ‘If They Love Their Country, They Should Start Acting Like It’


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes slammed President Donald Trump and his failed White House response for having effectively “surrendered” in the fight against a coronavirus pandemic that is currently spiking in nearly every state in the country.

“The best form of patriotism is that you love your country not because it’s better than other countries. You love it the same way you love your family, because it’s yours,” Hayes said during the opening monologue of his Wednesday night show. “And you fight for it because it’s yours. And this country, our country we all share together, is in unbelievable distress right now.”

The MSNBC host then provided a devastating and depressing rundown of the dire state of the Covid-19 outbreak, which has exploded since Election Day even as Trump has hunkered down in the White House and all but avoided any public events.

And Hayes is far from alone.

The former head of CDC, Dr. Richard Bessersounded the alarm on Wednesday, warning that the Covid spikes are “dangerous” while calling out the lack response from the nation’s political leadership. And as of this writing, the Covid Tracking Project found new records in both daily cases and hospitalizations — daily deaths are back to near the peak lever hit over the summer.

“What would a patriotic government that cared about its own people be doing right now?” Hayes asked. “Well, you think for a second about what you would be doing for a loved one in your family, if someone you loved, cared for, were in a hospital, receiving very obviously substandard care, neglected, left to essentially care for themselves as they were eaten away by a plague. You would not tolerate it.”

Hayes then showed a map of the country that was entirely red except for Vermont and Maine, the only two states not currently categorized as having “uncontrolled spread.”

“This graph shows new reported cases by day nationwide. New cases are so high that they dwarf the previous two spikes we saw this summer,” he pointed out. “The country is on fire, and it’s not an accident. This is the Trump administration’s current policy, what you are seeing.”

Hayes then showed footage of a Republican campaign rally for that party’s two Senate candidates, which was held in a packed conference room where few were wearing masks.

“Republicans have their eyes on the prize, and that’s not defeating the virus, and that’s not saving your loved ones from dying in the plague but trying to secure a senate majority,” he said.

“The president’s sulking and watching golf and cable news,” Hayes said. “And the rest of the Republican party, the whole party, complicit in all this, focused on the Georgia runoff and maybe overturning the results of a democratic election to stay in power against the people’s will. But if they love their country, they should start acting like it.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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