Chris Hayes to Lin-Manuel Miranda For Hate-Tweeting Trump: ‘I Saw the President Break You’

Last weekend, President Donald Trump woke up and decided to pick up his phone and shoot off some tweets slamming the San Juan mayor and telling the Puerto Rican people they were expecting everything to be done for them in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Following Trump’s highly criticized tweets, Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda shot back with some tweets of his own, telling the president to go “straight to hell.”

This evening, Miranda appeared on MSNBC’s All In to discuss his efforts to assist with the recovery in Puerto Rico, which includes a new benefit song. However, host Chris Hayes had to discuss the Hamilton creator’s scathing comments directed the president’s way

Noting that Miranda is typically not a “critic” or “insult-monger,” Hayes wanted it to be known that Miranda’s tweets were highly out of character for the musical star.

“I watched the president break you,” Hayes stated. “Because it was like he had this outburst, you know, just this outburst targeted against the Puerto Rican people.”

The MSNBC host went on to highlight the tweets that Miranda sent that not only told Trump to go to hell but to also find the fastest golf cart to get him there. Hayes added that he found it unsettling because this is not who Miranda is.

“Yeah, I don’t talk like that and at the same time, I’ve never seen the president attack the victims of a natural disaster,” Miranda responded. “I’ve never seen a president attack the elected officials on the front line of a disaster. What other words can you say in the face of this?”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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