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Chris Hayes: Trump Demonizes Immigrants But the Trump Organization Itself Shows Positive Effects of Immigration

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight said that in spite of President Donald Trump‘s demonization of immigrants, the Trump Organization itself has shown the positive effects of immigration.

There’s new reporting on the Trump Organization employing undocumented workers —— in this case a construction crew the company has relied on for years —— in the Washington Post today:

President Trump “doesn’t want undocumented people in the country,” said one worker, Jorge Castro, a 55-year-old immigrant from Ecuador without legal status who left the company in April after nine years. “But at his properties, he still has them.”

Hayes talked about the ICE raids in Mississippi in the wake of the shooting in El Paso, with new reporting today that the police are saying the shooting suspect said specifically he was targeting Mexicans.

“The core of the president’s rhetoric about immigration is always a threat, as a danger, as an invasion. Fundamentally, immigration is an infection plaguing the country, an evil seeping across our borders,” Hayes continued. “The president is lying. We know he’s lying because those are the things he says while he’s whipping up fear. But he’s also a businessman who tries to do what’s best for his bottom line. Businessman Donald Trump doesn’t view unauthorized immigrants as invaders, as criminals, as an infestation. In fact, that Donald Trump has the correct view on immigrants, The view that correlates with how the vast majority of American operates.”

Jorge Castro said in that Post article, of the Trump Organization, “If you’re a good worker, papers don’t matter.”

Hayes continued:

“A bunch of people work, many in jobs Americans don’t want to do, they get paid and take that money back home. They do good work, and the business benefits, and you know what? Everyone benefits. No one is harmed… It’s important to push back against the deep ugliness of the president’s rhetoric on immigration, the dangerous atmosphere he has clearly created, but also, you don’t need to look farther than the Trump Organization itself for a parable about the actual affirmative positive effects of immigration in the United States of America.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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