Chris Matthews: CPAC “Carnival” Is The “First Primaries In Crazyland”

Chris Matthews had some fun today responding to the craziness he perceived at the CPAC convention. In addition to Matthews comparing the whole conference to some type of levitation carnival act that “has nothing to do with reality,” guest David Corn also joined in to describe CPAC as a sideshow full of creatures, a zoo where you can feed the animals and an alternate universe with no truth and just bad one-liners.

Matthews was amazed at how much Republican candidates have to kiss butt with the CPAC crowd and concluded “this is the sad thing about the Republican party – credible people, like [Tim] Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota, have to act zany to get the nomination.” Most humorous throughout though was when Matthews attempted to fake laugh at a clip of Pawlenty making an awkward joke about Obama being from another planet. Since Pawlenty is no Ann Coulter, maybe refraining from joke-telling isn’t such bad advice for Pawlenty.

After completing his humorous review of CPAC, Matthews pivoted to discuss the appeal of Republican Congressman Ron Paul‘s brand of libertarianism. Although Matthews liked the sound of it on paper, he doubted it could ever work in reality.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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