Chris Matthews: A “New Group Of Crazy People” Are Taking Over The Republican Party

Chris Matthews welcomed two frequent guests to Hardball, Salon‘s Joan Walsh and Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson to discuss some controversial Republican stories ranging from Governor Haley Barbour refusing to denounce license plates that honor the KKK’s founder to Speaker of the House John Boehner refusing to tell Americans whether or not they should believe President Obama is a Muslim. Somehow Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann snuck into the conversation too, with Matthews finally just concluding that Republicans are a “party of crazy people.”

Walsh found it peculiar that Boehner “makes his living telling Americans what to believe” on issues like the economy, yet demonstrates a cowardice to stand up to the half of his base that still believes Obama is a Muslim. Walsh warned that Republicans are playing with “racist fire.” Matthews admitted he was having fun discussing the “new group of crazy people” taking over the Republican party, but worried that establishment Republicans soon might not recognize their party anymore. Matthews concluded, “I think it’s a crazy coalition . . . all these guys from main street who run a little business [are going to] realize they are in a party of crazy people.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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