Chris Matthews Thinks Rush Limbaugh’s Take On Bill Clinton Is ‘Pretty Good’

Chris Matthews knows how to tip his hat to an adversary for a job well done. After making him one of Hardball’s chief villains, Matthews played a clip of Rush Limbaugh last night taking a stab at Bill Clinton for his involvement in the Joe Sestak White House job case, and chuckled to himself, “even he can get it right sometimes.”

Matthews is leading a campaign to find one single Republican that will disagree with Rush Limbaugh’s views on absolutely anything, and he’s gotten just about as many calls as Glenn Beck on his red phone. But last night he couldn’t help but admit that Limbaugh’s imitation of Clinton is actually pretty good! “Let’s look at– I have to do this,” he sighed, “let’s look at Rush Limbaugh,” he said before playing the clip of Limbaugh noting that Clinton was involved in the Sestak affair because “they found a guy who they know will commit perjury.”

“That’s pretty good lampooning, I’ve got to say,” Matthews added after the clip, smiling to himself as if he couldn’t quite believe it. Nice to see that Matthews can cross partisan lines to congratulate a fellow pundit, though, actually, Matthews has been doing a bit of that lately anyway.

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