Chris Matthews: After Threats, Mueller Must Go After Trump To ‘Prove He’s Not On A Leash’


According to MSNBC host Chris Matthews, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been “put in a corner” by President Trump and now he must go after the President to “prove that he’s not on a leash.”

The New York Times released a wide-ranging interview with President Trump on Wednesday night where Trump presented, what some might see as a threat, towards Mueller‘s investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

According to the report, Trump “warned that investigators would cross a red line if they delve into Trump family finances unrelated to Russia.”

On Wednesday night’s Hardball, Matthews said that Mueller almost has no choice now but to go after the President.

“Do you get a sense that he knows that he put Mueller in a corner here because he said to Mueller ‘don’t do this or you’re gonna get fired’, in an implicit threat,” Matthews said to the New York Times’ Peter Baker. “It makes Mueller almost have to do it – go after his tax returns even – to prove that he’s not on a leash of this President.”

Baker agreed that sending a warning to Mueller might not have been a good move for the President.

“How much do you want to poke and prod prosecutors,” asked Baker. “Generally your defense attorney will tell you not to do that kind of thing.”

According to Baker, Mueller may actually be more of a friend to the President than an enemy.

“President Trump’s attorneys have told him that Robert Mueller is good for you,” Baker said. “If you have done nothing wrong and he finds that then that will be accepted by the broader politic of Washington.”

Baker warned the President, “If you continue to goad him, if you continue to provoke him, that can be counterproductive.”

“He doesn’t see it that way,” Baker said of Trump.

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