Chris Matthews: Birthers Are Trying To “Assassinate” Obama “With Their Lies”

Today is President Barack Obama‘s 49th birthday, which, since his ascent to the presidency, has become somewhat of a faux holiday for the birther movement, who don’t seem to believe this is his birthday. In celebration, CNN released a poll showing that a quarter of Americans believe the President was not born in America. To Chris Matthews, this quarter of Americans is “the worst kind of citizen.”

Matthews tore into the long-debunked birther movement in his “Let Me Finish” segment today, calling them “the most un-American of people” for discriminating against the President based solely on, as he puts it, “not because of where he was born, but because of what race he was when he was born” (it is to be assumed that Matthews doesn’t mean the 31% of birthers that approve of President Obama, according to a recent ABC poll). He outlined the blatant fallacies in the general birther argument– the fact that we have seen a copy of Obama’s certificate, and the slim likelihood that there were “people around in 1961 who wanted to create this presidency 49 years later, who were determined to have someone who was only about to be born elected to lead this country.” “They know full well the President was born in America,” he concluded, “they just want to destroy him personally.”

Video below:

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