Chris Matthews Calls Larry King ‘The Alternative To Cool’

Poor CNN can’t catch a break. Their birthday presents included a slam from Keith Olbermann and a retraction request from ACORN slayer James O’Keefe. They were falsely accused of looking for “the good side” of the BP oil disaster story. And now Chris Matthews uncharacteristically attacked the one thing that seemed to be going well for them this week: the fact that President Obama sat down with Larry King.

The thesis of Matthews’ argument was that the once mighty bastion of Cool that was the Obama administration had been slowly losing its charm, now seemingly several steps behind the stories coming off as somewhat disconnected. To prove that, Matthews pointed to the fact that Obama had agreed to an interview on Larry King Live, a show, Matthews implies with his trademark chucklescream, that is not exactly must-see TV for the popular kids:

“Have they gone– they’re doing Larry King tonight– are they going from cool to schmaltz? I mean, is this the alternative to cool, to do Larry King?”

Chuck Todd, to whom the question was presented, tries to hastily explain that Obama was visiting in celebration of Larry King Live‘s 25th anniversary, “which they seemed to get away with.” Matthews’ laughter turns a little bit more understanding with that explanation, but he doesn’t seem to retract his thesis– which was based exclusively on the fact that Obama was visiting King.

Video from tonight’s Hardball below:

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