Chris Matthews Calls New National Security Adviser Bolton ‘The Godfather of Stupid Wars’


Shortly after it was announced that President Donald Trump had hired former UN Ambassador and current Fox News contributor John Bolton to be his new national security adviser, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews took to the air. And he pretty much flipped out over the news.

During a panel discussion at the top of Hardball, the MSNBC host seemed especially freaked out over Bolton’s ultra-hawkish foreign policy positions and past remarks. Continuously railing against the hiring of Bolton throughout the conversation, at one point Matthews noted how emotional he was getting over the matter.

“Just throw all the toys in, I’m in, I’m getting rid of everything,” Matthews noted, referencing all of the chaos that has occurred at the White House. “It’s extraordinary. I’m a little emotional about this because I’ve never seen a president behave like this in one day.”

Later on in the broadcast, the MSNBC host once again went after Bolton’s warmongering reputation while also taking a shot at Trump’s criticisms of past administrations for getting the United States involved in foreign wars.

“This may be the worst thing he’s done,” Matthews exclaimed. “John Bolton. Mr. Hawk. Their kids do all the fighting and getting killed and losing their legs and everything else. He said to them, no more stupid wars. And now he brings in the godfather of stupid wars, John Bolton.”

Tell us how you really feel, Chris.

Watch the clips above, via MSNBC.

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