Chris Matthews Calls Out Sanders Campaign for Misleading Ad

Chris Matthews ended his show tonight by calling out the Bernie Sanders campaign for a pretty misleading campaign ad railing against the influence of big money in politics.

The ad, released last week, brings up Hillary Clinton receiving $200,000 an hour for speeches and applies that mark to “Washington politicians” who take in that much money but can’t be bothered raising the minimum wage.

The ad hammers home the point with an image of the Capitol when the $200,000 number pops up on screen.

The problem, as Matthews pointed out tonight, is that “members of Congress… are not permitted to accept speaking fees” in that amount in the first place.

“Why on God’s earth,” he asked, “did Senator Sanders paint all of Washington with that brush? I think what he’s doing here is attacking all other politicians with the broad brush of corruption while crowning himself as the one honest person in national politics.”

He said the Sanders campaign needs to “ditch this TV ad before it sells another citizen on something that is simply not a fact.”

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