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Chris Matthews Challenges Mitt Romney To Condemn Manchurian Candidate Tactics Of US Army

On today’s Hardball, Chris Matthews was not happy about the Rolling Stone report alleging the U.S. Army used “psychological operations” on senators in order to brainwash them and secure continued support for the war in Afghanistan. Likening the tactic to something straight out of the movie the Manchurian Candidate, Matthews picked likely Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney and challenged him to speak out against the military’s tactic.

Given that it was Romney’s own father who once claimed he was brainwashed by the military into supporting the Vietnam War, Matthews felt Mitt should step up to the plate now. However, since he believed that the right-wing has become so “fundamentalist” that it “attacks as heresy any breach with the military or with Glenn Beck or with Sarah Palin” and shies away from any independent, gutsy thinking, ultimately Matthews won’t be holding his breath for any conservative condemnation of the military.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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