Chris Matthews Demands Guest Explain What ‘Sexting’ Is

Chris Matthews spent most of his show analyzing Anthony Weiner’s strange and long press conference where he admitted he was lying all along and had been exchanging sexually suggestive pictures with various women. Matthews brought in his two political experts Steve McMahon, a Democratic strategist, and John Feehery, a Republican strategist to answer Matthews’ burning question: what exactly is “sexting?”

Matthews turned to Feehery seriously and asked “you might be the youngest guy here, explain sexting and texting and all this stuff?” Feehery laughed, justifiably not knowing how much detail Matthews was actually seeking and responded “I don’t know sexting or texting . . . it’s idiotic!” Matthews continued, thinking Weiner’s juvenile behavior was emblematic of a changing society that he doesn’t seem too comfortable with:

“What is [sexting] about? Why don’t people call each other and have a nice romantic conversation if they like each other? I’m sorry, is it complicated? You used to call up and ask for dates, is it weird now?”

Matthews overall was shocked with Weiner and said “how do you admit the biggest lie of your career” and then expect to move on like nothing happened. Yet McMahon doubted whether Weiner could survive and whether his Democratic colleagues would stand with him. At the end Matthews was convinced “there is no party-line tonight on this,” but still didn’t seem entirely sure what exactly was involved with “sexting.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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