Chris Matthews Details His Intense Love for Burger King Food

On MSNBC’s Hardball Wednesday, show host Chris Matthews offered something of an ode to Burger King.

The fast food restaurant, widely recognized for nothing in particular, is currently in the news for dodging U.S. taxes by merging with a Canadian company.

At the final segment of his show, Matthews shared his fervent Burger King fandom.

“I love Burger King. It’s my favorite,” he said, noting that the restaurant’s burgers taste “like it’s been grilled out back on a barbecue.”

Matthews continued: “They taste great plain because the meat’s great. They don’t have to bury it with a lot of mustard, ketchup and pickles so you can’t taste the burger. So, when you order one plain, they don’t go nuts like they do at some other fast food places like nobody’s ever dared to do that before. Anyway let’s get this straight. I love Burger King.”

Matthews, however, scolded Burger King’s decision to move its headquarters to Canada. “I think millions of us will say goodbye with our money,” he said.

Watch via MSNBC:

[Image via MSNBC/screen grab]

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