Chris Matthews Explains The Thrill Up His Leg: ‘I Was Physically Thrilled’

Chris Matthews interviewed victorious Rep. Michele Bachmann, and while this was going on a person behind Bachmann was holding a sign with an NBC logo and the words, “How’s the tingle, Chris?”

This opened the door for Matthews to address that tingle-like comment regarding then-Senator Barack Obama a couple years ago.

Rachel Maddow started the commentary. “They’re trying to say MSNBC is in the tank,” she said.

But Matthews jumped in. “I never used that word,” he said, starting the backstory. “Back during the 2004 democratic convention in Boston…”

Except it wasn’t 2004. It was actually February 2008, during Potomac Primary coverage (unless there was a prior thrill). But Matthews is correct – he did not say tingle. But this was his explanation:

I was thrilled by that, and I said so. Physically thrilled. When people talk about this country in that way, I am overwhelmed for this country. And they’re making fun of me, fine, for saying that.

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