Chris Matthews Grills RNC Chair Reince Priebus In Heated Segment: ‘Tell Me Obama Walked Into Hell!’

Chris Matthews’ interview with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Hardball today started rough, and only got rougher. Using Jon Huntsman’s pro-evolution Tweet as a starting point, Matthews attempted to get Priebus to discuss why his party was filled with so many “anti-intellectual” candidates, a topic Priebus was about as interested in discussing as Christine O’Donnell was in discussing gay marriage. Unlike that now infamous chat, though, Matthews was fine with moving on to other subjects. However, that certainly didn’t prevent things from remaining contentious.

Soon, Priebus was repeating the statement that “Americans are starving for authentic leadership” (a slogan that isn’t as catchy as Priebus seemed to think it was), while a blustery Matthews was screaming for him to admit that President Obama had “walked into hell” (a comment that sounded a bit more crazy than Matthews seemed to think it was). Typical political discourse.

Fortunately, things calmed down a bit as Matthews asked Priebus what the difference between the Republican Party and the Tea Party was. However, within minutes, everyone was yelling about Donald Trump and birthers.

It wasn’t a complete waste though. Matthews got Priebus to admit that Obama is a patriot.

So there’s that.

Watch the full segment from MSNBC below:

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