Chris Matthews: ‘If I Were Voting, I’d Vote For Huntsman’

Hardball host Chris Matthews appeared on Morning Joe Tuesday morning and lauded the independence of New Hampshire voters. “I was going back to ’52, and it says we’re real, we’re American and we’re flinty.”

“Don’t take us for granted,” host Joe Scarborough interjected.

“Right. And a lot of the vote up here is often rejectionist…getting rid of the old left-right division that bothers people,” Matthews added, saying that the state respects national service, especially in cases of those serving the other party. Eventually, Matthews admitted:

“If I were voting, I’d vote for Huntsman. Because he’s American. He’s the kind of guy who says ‘I’m an American, dammit, I’m not one of these stupid ideologues. And I’m not a phony.’ He is what he is.”

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Matthews listed many of the upsets occurring the state’s primary history, including John McCain beating George W. Bush. “There’s a rejectionism of the boring and the stupid in politics, the people up here are proud to be American, they’re flinty!” Matthews exclaimed. “It tells me Huntsman, Huntsman, Huntsman. If this state picks Huntsman tonight in second place — a strong second place, which is really first place, [because Romney]’s a regional guy, (it’s) a statement that New Hampshire’s still alive.”

Watch Matthews extol the independent values of the Granite State and say he would support Huntsman below, via MSNBC:

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