Chris Matthews Makes Bold Declaration About Racism

1thumbSay what you will about hyperactive MSNBC host Chris Matthews, the guy knows how to take a stand. On Wednesday night’s Hardball, someone at the network finally got around to noticing that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a reference to “our African American people” during his Tuesday night primary victory speech, and so it was that Matthews wound up talking about racism with his all-white panel. Maybe that explains the bold revelation Matthews made at the top of this clip:

When you have slavery for 250 years, that’s racism. It just is. It’s domination by white people of another group.

Thanks for watching this week’s episode of CSI: Racism.

Matthews went on to demonstrate his deep understanding of racism by tapping the most insightful expert available to determine if what Trump said was racist, namely the white Republican dude in his four-box. Maybe Donald Trump was keeping the rest of his African Americans too busy to appear on Hardball.

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